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We Specialize in Bar & Restaurant Insurance

Our team consists of former restaurant and bar owners, risk managers with decades of experience insuring the bar & restaurant industry and actual insurance coverage lawyers who understand how to cover the type of losses that can break your business.


Our perspective and knowledge is unmatched and unique to our industry. Allow us to manage your risk so you can manage what is most important to you:

Your business and lifestyle.

Key Services

Insurance Coverage

The Power Restaurant & Bar Program is underwritten by A rated admitted carriers and is specifically designed for the needs of restaurants and bars. The program offers dynamic coverages and limits that enable us to tailor your insurance plan to your needs and tolerance for risk.

Proactive Risk Management

We operate as your risk management department whether it be monitoring the ever-evolving landscape of the law or helping you remain compliant so your business can operate. We monitor changes to the law and coverage form and advise you of necessary changes to your plan accordingly. We also understand that some days you just need that certificate of insurance ASAP. We typically respond to service requests within minutes of receipt and at the very least same day.

Claims Management

Your insurance is supposed to be there to protect you when catastrophe strikes. The last thing you need when you have a fire, a theft or injury is worrying how you will be protected – that’s our job. We will hold your hand through the process and do the heavy lifting for you.

Unmatched Knowledge & Experience

Our team led by Steven Mikuzis consists of actual insurance coverage lawyers with national experience litigating coverage form against the largest insurance carriers in the country. That is unmatched practical knowledge working to ensure that you have the proper insurance coverage in place.

Bar & Restaurant Insurance

What Our Customers Say

We suffered substantial storm damage at numerous buildings. When the insurance company wanted to impose a deductible at each location, Steven pointed out that only one deductible should apply across the buildings. He saved us $45,000 in a five minute conversation.

Daryl B.

Steven took over our insurance and noticed our employment based coverages were not up to par and made some inexpensive recommendations. Six months later a regulatory proceeding was filed by a prospective employee. Without the coverage changes he recommended, we would have defended the case out of pocket. Johnny on the Spot.

Tom F.

We were hit hard when in-dining was closed during the pandemic, Ted helped us reduce our insurance costs so that we could get by. Here was a guy who not only put in the work, he cost himself money in the process. That’s someone there for his clients. That’s integrity.

Michael H.

A conversation is how we like to start…

Steven Mikuzis, Esq.

Steve is a practicing insurance contract law and litigation lawyer and lead to the Power Restaurant and Bar Insurance Program.

His job is to ensure you don't need a lawyer - by using proactive risk management and mitigation.

ph: 720-791-1190 (Colorado) | 773-273-8777 (Chicago)
em: Stevenm@powerrisk.net

Ted Apostolopoulos

Ted has been helping restauranteurs protect their business and lifestyle for as long as he can remember - let's just say he knows your world inside and out.

He spends the time to understand your personal risk tolerance and helps create a risk management program that works for you.

ph: 720-791-1191
em: tapostol@powerrisk.net

George Tsoukalas

George joined our team after working, managing and owning various restaurant concepts for over 30 years.

George’s hands on experience inside the industry brings a unique perspective to our office and your risk management. (And Add his contact information from contact page).

ph: 773-273-8777
em: gtsouk@powerrisk.net

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